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wesley kiriinya kiriinya2000 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 15 22:11:55 PST 2008

Mike Melanson: I want to store RGB values instead of YUV. I don't understand the theoretical and practical implications of this and that's why I'm asking about it. I would like to know whether it cannot work and why.
I'm targeting a minimum Pentium 4 Celeron, 256MB RAM. Video resolution are about 200 X 200 pixels with a maximum of 2 playing simultaneously as the game is playing (i.e. processing AI, physics, scene rendering,  etc) so that's why I need the processor to be as free as possible (i.e. not doing YUV -> RGB).

Intangir: "the code i just posted is actually from a game engine..." Where is the code? Can't see it in the email.


Mike Melanson <mike at multimedia.cx> wrote: wesley kiriinya wrote:
> Instead of storing YUV in the stream I would store RGB values. The
> y_width and uv_width would be the same. I am only doing this so that I
> can play the files in my video game i.e. the ogg files won't be intended
> for use by another application that plays ogg files because the
> application would not know that the YUV is actually RGB. Can that work?

Are you talking about encoding a custom Ogg/Theora file that uses an RGB
colorspace instead of a YUV colorspace? If so, are you sure you
understand the theoretical and practical implications of that?

What are the minimum system specs that you are targeting for this game?
and what resolution of videos are you planning? It may not be that
arduous to convert YUV -> RGB in real-time, especially considering that
your game probably isn't going to be doing AI processing or physics
calculations while it's playing a FMV cutscene (though it may be
decoding Vorbis audio).

 -Mike Melanson

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