[theora-dev] What happen if a printf() is inserted in to encoder

janaka priyadarshana rpjanaka at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 23:40:06 PST 2008

hi all,

I got a problem when I am using the theora, but fortunately I was able to
solve the problem. So I just wanted to mention it for others who will get
the same type of problem.

I just wanted to see what is going on the "theora_encode_init" function.
But I was unable to go into this function with debugging the encoder_example
So I just insert a "printf()" in to theora_encode_init function (to get a
visible output).

Then I got the output video file which can not play with a normal player
(the file type of this abnormal file is Ogg multimedia, while the type of
the playable file is Ogg Theora video).

The given error from the Totem Movie Player was Could not determine type of

Finally it was found that the output of the printf() which was added by me
is also written in to the encoded video file.
So the players can not understand the file header..

So I recommend that if anyone want to get a printed output from the encoder,
do not use the printf(""), instead of that use fprintf(stderr, "")

Janaka Priyadarshana
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