[theora-dev] DirectShow Theora Issue with RGB24

Steve Scott stephen.r.scott at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 17:04:28 PST 2008


I hope you can help, I am in need of some assistance with the DirectShow
filters for Theora.

I have successfully created a working capture graph using OGG / Vorbis /
Theora, however, when I add a Sample Grabber Directshow filter between the
FFDShow decoder and Theora Encoder, this results in the video file being
mirrored vertically.  I have noticed that the original CaptureGraph was
using YUV12, but the SampleGrabber is configured to use RGB24.  Is it likely
that this is the cause of the problem?

Unfortuntatly I need to stick with RGB as I have already written a
significant amount of code around this.

Should I not be using RGB24 as an input to the OGG Mux filter?
If not, can anyone suggest a good (free) Colour Space Convertor to convert
from RGB24 -> YUV12 (The Microsoft only seems to convert between different
RGB formats)

Many thanks,
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