[theora-dev] GSoC - Theora multithread decoder

Leonardo de Paula Rosa Piga lpiga at terra.com.br
Thu Aug 14 17:49:55 PDT 2008


This email is to inform what I have been doing since the mid-term.

After the mid-term I worked on a pipeline implementation with OpenMP.

As I said before I did a pipelined implementation of these functions:
(c_dec_dc_unpredict_mcu_plane + oc_dec_frags_recon_mcu_plane) and
(oc_state_loop_filter_frag_rows + oc_state_borders_fill_rows) as
explained in my previous email.
But the results were not good. They were equal the implementation
without pipeline.


Next I tried to do some improvements, but without success. I think
that the implementation as it is, could not be improved more
with parallelism.

Another approach could be tried to decode the next frame, as the
current frame is decoding, but this is very chanlenging, because most
of the frames has data dependency of the frame before it.

The gain adding parallelism is 13% with OpenMP. Not so bad.

My project is with few code, I tried to do my best. When I proposed
this project I knew that it would be very difficult. It was
challenging and I have learned a lot, specially  about the OpenMP

Also, I will understand if you don't approve me. The project was very
difficult, more than I expected. I wanted to obtain better results but
I couldn't. I have tried a lot.

Leonardo de Paula Rosa Piga

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