[theora-dev] Multi-Thread Theora Encoder

Maik Merten maikmerten at gmx.net
Sun Oct 7 05:22:25 PDT 2007

Oh, another thing I noticed:

encode.c, PickModes() (starting with line 1439) has a few mallocs for
your multithreading data structures. If the return statement in line
1467 gets triggered the memory allocated doesn't reveive the free()
calls it deserves. (if I don't miss something, one can rightfully call
me a C newbie).

The return statement in line 1467 is a questionable hack to skip motion
search for the fastest speed level. Thinking about it I think it should
perhaps set the error scores to something different to zero (I assume
zero means "perfect match found" while when skipping motion compensation
the result should be "no match found").


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