[theora-dev] example encoder improvement

mike at wazee.org mike at wazee.org
Wed Jul 25 08:44:21 PDT 2007

I apologize if the list has received this message twice, the first  
time I wrote it I neglected to subscribe, but never saw it come up in  
the archives.

I have improved encoder_example.c so that it can read both PCM and YUV  
data from MPlayer via named pipes. Previously it was necessary to  
write at least one of these decompressed streams to disk as the fifo  
buffers would fill otherwize. This also allows for encoding to run  
simultaneously with decoding (mplayer playback).

I'm not sure how portable my code would be, but it works for me under  
Linux. I know from google searching however that a number of people  
have experienced the problem I've fixed. How should I go about  
distributing my improved version?


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