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janaka priyadarshana rpjanaka at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 01:23:39 PDT 2007

hi Adir,
i am studding in University Of Moratuwa in Sri lanka, as a Computer Science
& Engineering student.
i am also involving in a project which is optimizing the Theora performance
for video conferencing application, i am doing this as my final year project
in my B.Sc Engineering course.
so i think that our discussion may very much helpful for my project. i am
really a new comer for this area. so i have to study about theora from the
up to now i have mainly study how convert a raw video file in to compressed
video file by using theora codec.(convert .yuv file in to .ogg file).
nowadays  i am studding the theora source code (from the examples that are
given with the source code), but still i have no clear idea about it.
if you have any idea, i am really appreciate your help.



On 7/24/07, Adir Abraham <adirab at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> My name is Adir. I'm a Google Summer of Code student, and in addition to
> that I will be working both with Xiph.org and with OLPC on optimizing
> Theora's performance.
> I'm in the list to get a shiny B4, but at the moment I can't do anything
> since sending the laptop to my place involves some difficulties. Until I get
> the laptop, I would like to hear from any of you, XO users and testers, to
> let me know about your experience with Theora in it. If you didn't test
> Theora on an XO and you own one, I will also appreciate your tests.
> I was wondering, if you made any tests:
> 1) Did you use any testing environment? some kind of "convert to/from
> theora" service
> 2) What did your test file include? Link to such files (if you have any)
> will be great
> 3) How many minutes did encoding/decoding go?
> 4) What was your XO? (B1/B2/etc.).
> In addition to that, any detail which you feel like is worth sharing
> regarding your experience with Theora and XO together, will be very helpful
> (what worked, what didn't, what was slow, what was fast, what was broken,
> etc.). Your info here is highly appreciated.
> Thanks and regards,
>  Adir.
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Janaka Priyadarshana
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