[theora-dev] Theora Hardware: Integration with LEON is completed!

André Costa andre.lnc at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 21:35:56 PDT 2007


The Integration with LEON (first part of my GSoC) is completed.

At the last week I had (leon3 + linux + libtheora) and  (leon3 +
send_vector_of_input + theora hardware) working ok.
Firstly, I thougth that it just would be:
But it wasn't too simple, when I joined this I had a lot of problems with
linux, because I discovered that I need to do a Driver (using linux kernal
API) that works with leon3/linux- 2.6 and commads our Theora hardware.

I didn't have any idea about drive and I spend these last 4 day learning how
to do a drive for my specific device. The sparc_linux email list helped me a
lot and now I solved all problems (mainly about MMU).

* What I already know to do (First part of GSoC2007 - Completed)
 - To study LEON3 and to find a configuration that be able to decode the
Theora and to do a synthesis of LEON3 (OK - Completed)
 - To compile the Theora for LEON and to run this inside of the LEON/FPGA
(OK - Completed)
 - To study and to discovery how to plug the Theora Hardware on AMBA and to
control it with the LEON  (OK - Completed)
 - To change the handshake of Theora Hardware of AVALON to AMBA protocol (OK
- Completed)
 - Running Theora decoder on LEON (FPGA) decoding a vetor of inputs (OK -
 - To study and to implement and Linux Device Driver for Theora Hardware (OK
- Completed)
 - To join the software interface with Theora hardware on linux and LEON3
(OK - Completed)

Now, I was thinking to do a webpage explaining all the step that are needed
to do and to submit all that files changed and added.

* Next Step of my work on GSoC
I think next step would be the to do a video controler. Then, we will have
all the process on FPGA at final of my GSoC!
I just was having a doubt. Is the UpdateUMV the last step of decodification?

I saw on libtheora that after UpdateUMV there is the function PostProcess.
void PostProcess(PB_INSTANCE *pbi)
Is this function just a optimization for software? (that would be unecessary
for hardware)

Do you think that will be necessary more one module of decodification
between UpdateUMV and video controler?


André Costa

Gerente Técnico
Projeto BrazilIP

Cel: + 55 13 9201 1870
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