[theora-dev] Re: [xiph-rtp] Re: [Vorbis-dev] Proposal: An extension to rules all others

Shane Stephens shane.stephens at gmail.com
Tue Jan 16 14:39:21 PST 2007

Just to throw another spanner into the works:

What about files with multiple video and audio logical bitstreams?
For example a video feed of a presentation, with a screencap of the
slides mixed in?  Or a movie with audio bitstreams in multiple
languages?  This is supported by the Ogg standard, but will still
confuse media players that expect exactly one video and one audio
bitstream (just like media players that expected exactly one audio
bitstream are now confused by accompanying video bitstreams).

What about files with image bitstreams (such as the oggmng format
discussed at FOMS this year)?  Files with subtitles or annotation

Perhaps a better solution is to build a small, simple library which
can open an ogg file (at a chain boundary for chained files),
determine the content types of all bitstreams available, and report
these in a simple fashion back to the calling application?  If this
approach were encouraged by Xiph, then new applications will be robust
to additional unknown bitstreams (i.e. an audio player will still play
the  audio bitstream in a video file; a video player will still play
the first video/audio pair in a multi-video file; players without
subtitle support will ignore text streams; etc.).

Specific extensions will still work with this approach  - e.g. oga for
exactly one audio stream, ogv for exactly one video stream, etc.
These just become informative rather than declarative of the contents
of the file.


On 1/17/07, Luis Gonzalez <ghempresa at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >What is wrong with the MP4/Matroska/Windows Media/RealVideo model?
> >.oga (Vorbis, Speex)
> >.ogv (Theora, Theora + Vorbis, Theora + Speex, Tarkin, etc)
> For video i like more .oggv and for audio only .ogg
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