[theora-dev] VC2005 MMX patch.

Andrew Chew andrew at okashistudios.com
Wed Dec 26 17:12:18 PST 2007

> Here is the whole thing:
> http://torus.untergrund.net/code/theora_mmx_vs2005.zip
> FYI: I'll remove the file from the webspace in a couple of days.
> Nils
I just pulled the abovementioned tree into my project, and got it to 
build.  I don't see any regressions.  I breakpointed into some assembly 
code just to make sure it was being used (which it is).

So it works great so far :)  Thanks, Nils, for doing this.  I'm going to 
wait until this stuff gets pulled into mainline, and a new release of 
theora is put together, before I fold this stuff into my source control 
for everyone else on the team to use.

Again, thanks a million, Nils :)  This work is much appreciated.

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