[theora-dev] PowerPC problem in player_example

Mayer, Jim Jim.Mayer at xerox.com
Wed Dec 19 06:29:53 PST 2007


I've run into an interesting problem in the "player_example" on a
PowerPC system.  It manifests as a pattern of "dots" on part of the
screen at the beginning of a video... they are somewhat coordinated with
the image and are regularly spaced.  I've included an example frame.

Interestingly, they are not present on the output of the "dump_video"
example program running on the same system.  This gave me something to
work with and I was able to isolate the problem a bit... one difference
between the player_example code and the dump_video code is that the
dump_video program does not modify the "PPLEVEL" with "theora_control".
If I comment out all the "theora_control(&td, TH_DECCTL_SET_PPLEVEL,
&pp_level, sizeof(pp_level))" like calls then I do not see the artifact.

I'm running the libtheora-1.0beta2 release.

I'm cross-compiling on a x86 CentOS 4.5 Linux system using a GCC 3.4.4
based compiler.

I've attached a screen shot showing the artifact.

Any ideas?

-- Jim
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