[theora-dev] defining TH_REALLY_NO_ASSEMBLY: PLEASE help with compiling theora beta 2

wesley kiriinya kiriinya2000 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 14 23:20:38 PST 2007

 Please point me to where I can find informaion on the
following message that I get when I compile theora
beta 2 in VS2005:
"fatal error C1189: #error :  You are compiling theora
without inline assembly. This is probably not what you
want.  Instead, please either  (1) download the
assembly .lib binaries or  (2) compile them yourself
using MinGW, and make Visual Studio link against them.
 Please seriously consider this before defining
TH_REALLY_NO_ASSEMBLY  to disable this message and
compile without inline assembly.  Thank you!"

I have looked for assembly .lib binaries but haven't
found them.

Thank You.

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