[theora-dev] FMJ release fmj-20070828-1154

Ken Larson forum at larsontechnologies.com
Tue Aug 28 09:19:39 PDT 2007

I've just released fmj-20070828-1154 of the FMJ project (open-source 
implementation of JMF).

The highlight of this release is that it now has pure Java 
ogg/vorbis/theora decoding, so that regardless of OS and native 
libraries, theora videos will always play with FMJ.  The native 
libraries (implemented in a prior release) will be used if available, 
however, with better performance of course.

This theora support is achieved by using the LGPL jheora library from 

By default, FMJ studio now has a link in the dropdown to an ogg movie on 
wikimedia, which you can use to see it in action.

As with many plugins in FMJ, this parser could also be used with JMF, 
without the rest of the FMJ infrastructure.

Ken Larson
FMJ project fmj.sourceforge.net

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