[Theora-dev] Dropped / Duplicate Frames

Philip Heron phil at firestorm.cx
Fri Mar 10 16:43:37 PST 2006

Hi Ralph, thanks for the reply.

On Tue, 2006-03-07 at 10:52 -0800, Ralph Giles wrote:
> We've talked about adding a 'zero-length packet implies duplicate frame' 
> feature to the spec, but the reference implementation doesn't support
> this. Either way, I think it's reasonable to add an api call to request
> a duplicate compressed frame as an optimization (unless your at a forced
> keyframe, in which case it has to encode the previous frame as such).

Exactly, something along the lines of theora_encode_DUPin() would do the

Nudging off-topic, the libogg API pages at xiph.org seem to have gotten
mixed up or corrupted. For example parts of the page for
ogg_stream_pageout() seems to be describing ogg_stream_pagein().

What I was actually looking for was who owns the memory the ogg_page
structure points to after a call to ogg_stream_pageout()? I'd like to
keep a copy of the initial pages for saving parts of the live stream to
a local file later.

-Phil <phil at firestorm.cx>

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