[Theora-dev] Dropped / Duplicate Frames

Philip Heron phil at firestorm.cx
Tue Mar 7 04:49:56 PST 2006

Hi all,

 I've been playing with Theora this week and have hacked together a test
program (http://www.firestorm.cx/live1/) that can encode live video (no
audio) from a V4L* source that supports the YUV420 pixel format.

Now encoding Theora ain't exactly a speedy process, and sometimes frames
get lost during capturing. What I'd like to be able to do is tell
libtheora that the next few frames are missing (or are duplicates of the
last frame) without having to re-submit the same frame more than once -
which seems a bit of a waste. Any way of doing this?

At the moment I'm simply loosing them, someone watching the stream would
see everything go really fast for a moment followed by a long pause.

-Phil <phil at firestorm.cx>

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