[theora-dev] Ogg: correspondence between playtime and file offset

ramakrishna.p at radixs.com ramakrishna.p at radixs.com
Fri Jun 30 18:45:21 PDT 2006


I have modified fenice(streaming server) and mplayer(media client) code to
support for ogg container(vorbis+theora). Now I have to implement forward
and rewind of an ogg(vorbis+theora)file by time. So I would like to do
file seek to start reading the file from that position.

Eg:- mplayer will send +10 secs to forward request to fenice through RTSP
and fenice should read and send packets from current position+offset. Here
I will have to map 10 secs play time to offset.

If you can provide formulae or any function, that would be great help to
provide streaming of ogg files with all the features that typical media
player should have.


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