[theora-dev] What goes to Hardware ?

illiminable ogg at illiminable.com
Mon Jul 3 14:51:49 PDT 2006

This is a profile summary i took a while ago, on theora as it was in 
alpha6 (includes the mmx optimisations)

One thing to note is it doesn't necessarliy show every function, since 
some stuff gets inlined into the caller and hence doesn't appear in this 
list (it's included in the caller instead). But it does show the basic 
gist of it.

Also, this was on a small (320x240) video of roughly 1 min duration.



Rodolphe Ortalo wrote:
> Le dimanche 02 juillet 2006 à 19:10 -0300, Felipe Portavales Goldstein a
> écrit :
> ...
>> As you know, the ReconRefFrames routine is the caller of the IDCT,
>> Reconstruction and LoopFilter.
>> The ReconRefFrames wastes 31 ms from the total 44 ms.
>> This is more than 66% of the decoding time.
> ...
> Where are the other 34% spent (various routines?)?
> Personnally, I think too the "enough memory for 720x480" is the way to
> go. (Are there other options than SDRAM in this case?)
> Rodolphe
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