[theora-dev] some troubles with K-Lite Mega Codec Pack ( klmcodec156 ) and oggcodecs_0.71.0946

Avdeev Slava linesoft at plotinka.ru
Sun Dec 3 22:06:03 PST 2006


the disposition:
I've installed oggcodecs 0.71.0946 from illiminable and K-Lite Mega Pack (
klmcodec156.exe ) with ffdshow rev. 2543. I've installed latest version
virtualdub also.
I've setup ffdshow to encode via theora codec into ogg container.

the trouble:
so, when I try to transform any video-file via virtualdub - ffdshow I have a bad
ogg video-file. This "feature" has at two computers with intel and amd cpu at
the least.
I was trying to debug and I should have that header theora packet not contains a
string 0x80theora, but it has a string 0x01video. that's very strange :)
in addition - my old theora video files which I was create some mounts ago plays
fine (via Microsoft Windows Media Player).
I remember that this feature worked fine 1 year ago approx. what I doing wrong?

thanks for your help!
sorry for my bad English.

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