[Theora-dev] Theora freezes when with multiple video screens

Sebastien Daloz sebastien.daloz at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 02:40:25 PDT 2005


I have a problem with theora when using 2 video screens. The second is
connected to the dvi output of the video card. When I watch the video,
I move the renderer to the other screen and video still remains black,
or freezes, for a while.

Considerer this test : construct a graph DirectShow using GraphEdit like this :
- Webcam filter
- Theora Encoder
- Theora Decoder
- Video Renderer

Run the graph on the first screen, that looks greats. Move the
renderer to the other screen, video is black. When video is displayed
few times later, moving renderer to the first screen make the video
freeze once again.

Now, make another graph :
- Webcam filter
- Theora Encoder
- Ogg Muxer
Save the video in an ogg file.

Play the video with this graph :
- Ogg Demuxer
- Theora Decoder
- Video Renderer
Move the renderer to the other screen while graph is running, video
doesn't freeze.

Does anyone know where is the problem ?


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