[Theora-dev] Invalid read of size 1...

Mat heavensdoor78 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 05:40:30 PDT 2005

Hi all.
I'm here again :)
The small leak in my app is gone.
I'm going on with it, now I grab a frame from a video device and I 
encode it with Theora...
The debugger ( valgrind ) says:

==2782== Invalid read of size 1
==2782==    at 0x1B94B0BD: PixelLineSearch (scan.c:1482)
==2782==    by 0x1B94B35A: PixelLineSearch (scan.c:1597)
==2782==    by 0x1B94B447: LineSearchScorePixel (scan.c:1643)
==2782==    by 0x1B94B5A4: LineSearchScoreRow (scan.c:1714)
==2782==    by 0x1B94C10B: AnalysePlane (scan.c:2244)
==2782==    by 0x1B94C357: YUVAnalyseFrame (scan.c:2326)
==2782==    by 0x1B950F96: CompressFrame (encoder_toplevel.c:651)
==2782==    by 0x1B95181B: theora_encode_YUVin (encoder_toplevel.c:976)
==2782==    by 0x80497F4: main (test3.c:281)
==2782==  Address 0x1CEC27A7 is 1 bytes before a block of size 8448 alloc'd
==2782==    at 0x1B90459D: malloc (vg_replace_malloc.c:130)
==2782==    by 0x1B945908: PInitFrameInfo (pp.c:139)
==2782==    by 0x1B94979A: ScanYUVInit (scan.c:296)
==2782==    by 0x1B95159B: theora_encode_init (encoder_toplevel.c:884)
==2782==    by 0x804947F: main (test3.c:220)
( repeated many times )

I noticed some things:
- if I encode images programmatically generated (like in the last app I 
posted here in the ML...) my debugger says it's all ok (no errors)
- if I grab a simple image ( I put a paper in front of the video camera 
:) ) the Invalid read's message I reported above is fired little times 
(sometimes also 0)
- if I grab an image ( of the room ) the Invalid read's message I 
reported above is fired many times ( variable )

So... I suppose the problem is ( like the debugger noticed :) ) related 
to the frame analysis...
I think there's a small bug in it. It seems to read 1 byte before the 
correct memory address...
8448 bytes... is 352 ( my width ) * 24 ( CHLOCALS_CB_ROWS = 
INTERNAL_BLOCK_HEIGHT * 3 = 8 * 3 ( in my system ) )
It can be dangerous a wrong read in the application I'm building...
As I told, I have little experience with Theora so... help me please if 
you can :)

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