[Theora-dev] Theora on ARM9 i.MX21

Ben Hoyt ben.hoyt at harvest.com
Thu Nov 24 20:00:52 PST 2005

Hi, we're looking at using Freescale's i.MX21 ARM9 266MHz processor to 
decode video. We need to use MPEG-4 or something with equivalent 
compression, and Theora looks good.

But I'm just not sure about the speed. We only need decode, fixed 
resolution (probably about CIF 352 x 288, 30ish fps), no post 
processing, should be fairly simple stuff.

So, does anyone have any experience using Theora with an ARM? Or know 
how much actual CPU power (roughly) Theora needs for a simple CIF 
decode? Any other pointers?

Thanks heaps,

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