[Theora-dev] CPU usage while encoding...

Steve Kann stevek at stevek.com
Fri Nov 4 13:57:20 PST 2005

Rob Smith wrote:

>I would love to use theora-mmx or theora-oil on a Win32 system but I
>can't get either to compile.  I understand that liboil only compiles
>with gcc anyway.  Being fairly new to inline asm I haven't a clue
>where to start.
>Currently I'm using the reference theora encoder, but in a dynamic
>"dll" form which works great for me (apart from being slow).  Are
>there any plans to convert any of these wonderful optimisations so
>they can compile for msvc or vc2003?

If you're using a DLL, you can always compile the DLL with gcc, and then 
use the Microsoft stuff for whatever else you're doing..

If you look hard, you might even be able to find a free copy of gcc ;)


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