[Theora-dev] Live HTTP streaming of Theora files

David Barrett dbarrett at quinthar.com
Tue Nov 1 11:39:14 PST 2005

What's the easiest way to broadcast a "live" event using Theora?

- Microsoft Media Services uses a closed protocol (MMS) and special 
streaming servers, so I'm not excited to go that way, even though it 
seems to be the most obvious choice.  (Though I'm not sure if I could 
convince it to use Theora anyway.)

- I could encode the entire file into an Ogg/Theora file and just do a 
progressive HTTP download, but that means I can't broadcast until the 
event is complete.

- It looks like there is some kind of Apache module (maybe 
"mod_annodex") that does (maybe?) a progressive HTTP download of a 
dynamically-generated Ogg/Theora file (?), but I'm a bit lost on the 

- I'm very familiar with RTP at at a low level, and RTSP looks 
straightforward, but I'm not sure what off-the-shelf servers and players 
I need to actually broadcast and receive at a high-level.

Basically, I'm a low-level guy, and I have a high-level problem.  Can 
you point me in the right direction broadcast live audio/video (ie, not 
pre-recorded content, but straight from a camera) using cheap/free tools 
(Apache) and widely-supported players?



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