[Theora-dev] Re: Theora with DirectX earlier than 9

Andre Pang ozone at algorithm.com.au
Mon May 30 07:42:02 PDT 2005

On 28/05/2005, at 9:20 AM, Sebastien Daloz wrote:

> My filter is transcoding YV12 to RGB24, RGB32 and ARGB. It seems
> DirectX 8.1 and DirectX 7.0 (under Windows2000) connect successfully
> Theora Decoder with Video Renderer.

Side note: If you're writing these filters to deploy on desktop  
consumer PCs, it might be worth trying to transcode YV12 to another  
YUV fourcc, such as YUV9.  Many video cards will do the YUV->RGB  
transform in hardware, and most of them support a number of different  
YUV formats.  Even the speediest software YV12->RGB decoder will  
start having trouble on lower-end machines if you try playing back  
larger video sizes.

Of course, the converse is that your software decoder might enable  
you to play back video on some lower-end systems without a video card  
that does YUV->RGB for you.  Just wanted you to make you aware of  
this engineering decision ...

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