[Theora-dev] Question about MVect in decode.c

LS linesoft at plotinka.ru
Mon May 30 04:16:59 PDT 2005

Good day!

Could you please explain me the following: 
In case of playback of video stream theora, MS Visual Studio .NET 2003 shows a warning message in every frame about the
usage of not initialized variable MVect in the file decode.c (run-time
In case of key-frames playback no warning appears.
When I disable the run-time check, the video stream plays normally, but it is undesirable. Theora is implemented
in my project as a source, so when I disable the run-time check it will disable it for the while project. I would
like to avoid it if possible.

1. can this variable (if used before being initialized) lead to the cosec's faulty operation?
2. Is this bug fixed in the latest releases? If fixed, where can I get the correct source files?


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