[Theora-dev] Theora with DirectX earlier than 9

sebastien daloz sebastien.daloz at gmail.com
Tue May 24 07:47:35 PDT 2005


I'm trying to use Theora video codec with DirectX 8 and DiretX 7. The
problem seems to be out format of Theora decoder wich is YV12 and
incompatible with DirectShow Video Renderer Filter.

Do you know a filter able to convert YV12 to RGB, usable in a
commercial application ? May I have to make such a filter myself ?

Is is said in the README file of oggdsf archive :
"You need DirectX 9 SDK installed (lifes easier if it's at C:\DXSDK)
 Otherwise all projects prefixed with dsf you'll need to change the
 absolute references to that path. I'll try to do something to make
 this easier in future."

If I put a YV12toRGB filter for converting colors in an acceptable
format for DirectX8, are there another thing that could prevent me to
use Theora with such version of directX ?

Sebastien Daloz

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