[Theora-dev] Problems with Theora alpha 4 crashing

Rob Smith djrobsmith at gmail.com
Sun May 1 05:08:07 PDT 2005


I havent posted to this list before, so "hi"

I have been experimenting with Theora and noticed it still has the
same crash bug that VP3 did.

Basically, if you begin compression, and compress a blank black frame
more than about twice in a row you get a Div by 0 error.

I traced the fault to being in the "RegulateQ" function, and is
because YUVAnalyseFrame() returns 0 for the motion score.

With VP3 I was able to resolve this by changing this value to 1 if
this happened and that seemed to work fine.

Thought I'd let you know.  May help the encoder to be even better!


Rob Smith

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