[Theora-dev] Theora camera/fast computers

Ivan Popov pin at medic.chalmers.se
Wed Mar 23 11:52:27 PST 2005

Hi Andrey,

> >    so one or several frames become slightly delayed when the decoder
> >    encounters an "extra expensive" frame
> Did you notice if it were INTRA frames? In those clips they are exactly
> frame 0, frame 256, and so on. You could see them on the video as they
> "sweep" away some faint "turbulence" left by moving objects.

Exactly, I think it is frame 256, though I can not see the "turbulence"
on my screen, now looking at the frames over vnc from a remote host.
That of course explains what is special with that frame.

> So I'll just point the camera in such a way, that only a fraction of the
> field will be moving :-)


> And for practical applications - I just hope that while
> cameras are coming to full production, less expensive multi-core CPUs will
> become available, as well as better optimized decoders. And maybe just the
> existence of Elphel Model 333 cameras will add some challenge to the
> software developers and that faster players will appear sooner :-)


Best regards,

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