[Theora-dev] FPGA implementation/ players speed?

Andrey Filippov theora at elphel.com
Thu Mar 17 12:05:21 PST 2005

It is now possible to try the camera at (it can go off-line
as I'm working on it and may reboot). Now it can record Theora-encoded
video to internal buffer (~18MB) and then encapsulate by software and send
out. If the buffer is overrun - everything until the firs survived INTRA
will be lost.

Also - there is nothing done to synchronize accesses - software may crash.
Help page is also not current - it is from model 313 (JPEG) camera.

One more known issue - horizontal size should be multiple of 256 - odd
number of 128x64 tiles in a line causes mess with colors (each 16 lines Cb
and Cr change places).

But - it works! You may save clip using "New" link ("Save link as..."),
the other link ("Last") rebuilds file from data in camera memory.


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