[Theora-dev] about theora/ogg stream decoder

valentina messeri valedipiu at psand.net
Thu Mar 10 03:31:42 PST 2005

Hi, I'm linux debian user involved in a project of theora/ogg streaming.

Well, we actually have problems to cacth the streams, even if only on windows
and mac machines.

Server we use to stream is icecast2-kh, tools are puredata/pidip and
ffmpeg2theora and players are:

mplayer: on linux platform is working fine, but not on mac and win ( well,
that's another list issue, maybe).

vlc: it freeze after few seconds, on linux/mac/win platform (that's another list
issue too, only to explain situation we're in)

helixplayer works as vlc above, for all the platforms

I know there are another tools which is possible to use with windows, at least,
could you please help me in this way, 'cause unfortunatly I don't have win
platform on my machine and need to write some howto for win-tester (or mac-tester).

Problems seems to start when decoding a net streams, while same archive
(recorded) is played great......

What else?

Theora is a great codec, I've been using it since this summer and I'm available
to test stuff, if needed....



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