[Theora-dev] VP3 Compatibility and SIMD Optimizations

j at thing.net j at thing.net
Wed Mar 9 09:52:55 PST 2005

to my understanding libtheora is supposed to be a C-based reference
implementation, that should still be es optimized as possible in C as
long as it stays cross-platform, Optimization for MMX/SSE/AltiVec is
important to use theora. right now this takes place in the theora-mmx

current simd efforts,
mostly encoder optimization: http://svn.xiph.org/branches/theora-mmx

there is a patch focusing on the decoder here:
// should go into theora-mmx branch.

ruik just posted a decoder patch for derfs experimental theora branch
patch: http://ssh.cz/~ruik/patch_theora

regaring backward compatibility, there is a transcoder tool, that can
be used to repackage vp3 avi files to ogg theora files



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