[Theora-dev] FPGA implementation/ players speed?

Ivan Popov pin at medic.chalmers.se
Wed Mar 9 03:16:44 PST 2005

On Wed, Mar 09, 2005 at 11:55:02AM +0100, Maik Merten wrote:
> using fresh trunk/theora checkout in 64bit mode:
> 	user    0m6.027s
> using fresh trunk/theora checkoutin 32bit mode:
> 	user    0m7.228s
> using fresh branch/theora-mmx checkout in 32bit mode:
> 	user    0m6.537s
A good job!

>  - theora-mmx is faster than theora, however theora-mmx doesn´t work in
> x86-64 for me (32 bit assembly)
>  - theora loves the 64bit mode. It is faster than 32bit MMX. I assume
> this is because of the doubled amount of genearl purpose registers.

So, if somebody implements low-level optimization for 64 bits, it could be
blazingly fast.


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