[Theora-dev] FPGA implementation/ players speed?

Ivan Popov pin at medic.chalmers.se
Wed Mar 9 03:09:08 PST 2005

> Another test, P4 XEON 2.8GHz, mplayer with theora mmx patches
> from VP3HoSwiYO (not to be confused with encoder mmx patches).

I wonder which patches are in the theora-mmx branch in svn,
supposedly the encoder ones - they boost encoding but do
not remarkably help decoding.
> No video rendering (I am testing remotely), mere decoding your clip
> gives 26.3 fps - that is, better than PAL! :)

I managed to let mplayer show the clip on the screen (which I can not see,
but it looked hopefully fine :)
and the best try gave 25.2 fps full resolution. (on that 2.8GHz P4)

It means you need at least 3.4 GHz to watch at 30 fps.

My best regards,

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