[Theora-dev] Bitrate Adaption

Dave Baker dave at accidentalegg.co.uk
Thu Mar 3 06:17:32 PST 2005


I've been reading through the Theora format spec and API reference trying to find an answer to this but haven't come across anything certain. I'm wondering whether it would be theoretically possible to change the encoded bit rate (or target video qiality) during a live stream without a standard theora decoder having any problems.

I had assumed that this must be possible, given that Theora is defined as a variable bit rate codec, although in libtheora, it wouldn't be, as the bitrate / video quality has to be passed to theora_encode_init, which you'd only call before the encode started (unless it's possible to call this afterwards to change parameters?)

The conclusion I'm reaching is that the answer is yes, it's possible, but only with a modified theora encoder, but I'd be very grateful if somebody in-the-know could tell me whether or not I'm on the right track!


Dave Baker

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