[Theora-dev] FPGA implementation

Andrey Filippov theora at elphel.com
Fri Jan 21 22:46:26 PST 2005

>> Can somebody (who already have tools) help me to create an Ogg Theora
>> valid single-frame file (I will use just 128x64 but any will do) so when
>> I
>> will build the tools myself I can use it as "known good"? So I'll be
>> sure
>> that the tools/players I've build are good too?
> Attached.
Using my "decoder" that I calibrated (made parse correctly) on that file

I used it to debug the coefficients encoding of my FPGA generated file. To
make everything simpler I used the same headers and just adjusted the
settings of the encoder to use the same tables and settings.

After several couple days fighting bugs in my code I made the decoded (by
my program I mentioned above) coefficients match the encoded ( I did not
verify all the values but some and made sure that they go to the right
place and the parsing ends exactly at the end of data.

Then I used the virtually unmodified headers from the original file, cut
it where the actual frame data starts (I had to add one byte to the lacing
numbers as my data was 0xe6a bytes long while the original - 2d2) and
recalculated the check sum for the last page.

But I missed something - dump_video reports:
"End of file while searching for codec headers"
What could I mess up? I used all the original headers from the working file:


and here is my:


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