[Theora-dev] non-threaded Ogg/Vorbis/Theora player implementation (java)

Horacio Sanson hsanson at moegi.waseda.jp
Tue Dec 13 00:50:01 PST 2005

I develop j2me applications for mobile phones and for fun I tried to port 
Cortados java player to j2me. Took the source code changed a couple of lines 
to make it a MIDLET and sudenly, without even thinking it would work, I ended 
with a pure j2me theora player for my mobile phone.

Of course is for very small clips (128x96 @ 10.000 fps ) and no audio. 

So now I want to implement a full j2me player with audio and video support but 
Cortado's source code is heavily threaded and that poses some problems with 
the power capacity of my phone.

I would really like some resources on how to implement a non-threaded video 
player (event based maybe?). Actually this is the first time I have played 
with anything multimedia related and I have no idea where to start when 
developing a media player. Cortado's source code is so easy to read that I 
could manage to port it to j2me without even looking at the Ogg/Orbis/Theora 
decoding parts of it.

This is very interesting project and I can only dream what can be done if I 
use Brew (C/C++) instead of j2me (Java).

thanks in advance for any tips,

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