[Theora-dev] MMX loop filter for theora-exp

Harghh harghh at free.fr
Fri Aug 19 02:37:19 PDT 2005

> Any chance of writing the ASM in Intel syntax and then compiling it with  
> GPL'd NASM under Linux?

if i am right, XviD use NASM and it compile under Linux, Windows...
the counterpart is it is not inline ASM and it will require NASM to compile
but this is maybe preferable to have to maintain 2 differents syntax of  
the same ASM code

> Have you tried any conversion scripts?

I found some :

but didn't tryed as they need GCC .S files and i don't have GCC here
however it seems it will be easy to do the conversion with these tools...

> How difficult would this manual translation be?   (It's been a while  
> since I did hand ASM -- don't recall the syntax differences.)

here is a quick explanation of differences between AT&T and Intel syntax :

the main difficulty seems to be understanding the GCC particularities for  
output, input and cloberred registers
anyway it is not impossible

what do you think is the best way to go ?
- use an extern assembler like NASM
- automatic/manual translation ?
- ...


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