[Theora-dev] Theora dll in debug mode

Sebastien DALOZ sebddlr at yahoo.fr
Wed Apr 27 02:16:59 PDT 2005

Hi everybody.

I have a problem using Theora in a specific way. I am going to explain that.

I have downloaded ogg codecs for Windows on the Theora website. More precisely
there are DirectShow Filters. I try to use Theora codec in a commercial
application and the application crash. It doesn't with another codec like XviD,
so the problem may be Theora codec.
Note that I can use Theora outwards this application encoding and decoding
videos without problems.

But this application uses their own DirectShow filters in addition of the basic
filters (video capture filter and video renderer filter). Might they be
incompatible with Theora ?
I also downloaded source code of Theora, in order to compress myself the codec 
in debug mode with Microsoft Visual C++ .NET 2003. I have successfully compiled
the next 5 libraries (it seems libOOOggSeek was not necessary for other dll
compilation) :
  - dsfTheoraDecoder.dll
  - dsfTheoraEncoder.dll
  - libOOOgg.dll
  - libOOOggSeek.dll
  - libOOTheora.dll

After replacing Release version of the dll by the Debug version of them,
nothing works. I can't play any theora encoded file, nor encode a new file.
Error is "Debug Assertion Failed !".
With a minimal graph in GraphEdit (Microsoft DirectX SDK) composed by a webcam
capture source filter, a Theora Encode Filter, a Theora Decode Filter and a
Video Renderer, I get another error, as you can see here :

Error seems to be in ntdll.dll (a Windows XP library), but it may be a bad
request of Theora.

Is it possible I haven't well compiled the libraries or forgotten some of them
which are needed ? Could you send me proper compiled libraries in debug mode
(with corresponding sources if there are modifications with distributed sources
on illiminable website

You can download the debug mode libraries I have compiled on http://membres.lycos.fr/univers2lanime/theora/theora_debug_dll.zip


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