[Theora-dev] libtheora in WinCE or PocketPC?

David Barrett dbarrett at quinthar.com
Fri Apr 15 19:34:18 PDT 2005

I'm sure this is a common question, but I haven't seen it asked nor answered
on this list, on the Theora Wiki nor FAQ, nor on the Internet at large
(though I haven't checked the whole thing):

	Has anyone ported 'libtheora' to WinCE or PocketPC 2003?  

I seem to recall seeing a Linux ARM port, but I haven't been able to confirm
that, either.  I see there's a "__arm__" compile-time switch in
"SDL_byteorder.h", but that's the only mention I see.

Can you suggest the best way to get Theora up and running under Windows
Mobile 2003?  If the port doesn't already exit, anyone care to guess how
difficult such an undertaking would be?  



PS: I've been using 'libtheora' for several months now and it's been solid
as a rock.  Thanks a million!

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