[Theora-dev] Building theora

J. Grant jg at jguk.org
Mon Sep 6 15:57:39 PDT 2004

> I used the new links from the theora.org site to download those files.  
> libogg-1.1 built for me just fine, but when I tried to build libvorbis-1.0.1 
> with ./configure and make, it crapped out on me with:
> <snip>
> creating libvorbisfile.la
> /bin/sed: can't read files/libvorbis-1.0.1/lib/libvorbis.la: No such file or 
> directory
> libtool: link: `files/libvorbis-1.0.1/lib/libvorbis.la' is not a valid libtool 

Could you post the 10 lines before the <snip> please

I think your ranlib has a problem.  I am using:

GNU ranlib 20020717

This works fine.  Which version of "ranlib" are you using? (ranlib 
--version)  What distro?

Kind regards


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