[Theora-dev] erroneous implementation?

Andreas Heinchen andreas.heinchen at gmx.de
Thu Sep 2 05:47:03 PDT 2004

Hello Ivan

I can reproduce this bug. It occured, when I made a bitrate based encode 
with high bitrates (700000). So far I was not able to reproduce the bug 
with quality mode. But I have no idea what has happened.

Ivan Popov wrote:

>I am curious, what is the cause of some encoding artifacts,
>I guess part of them should not be present.
>- when encoding with a defined bitrate, some artifacts show up which I'd not
>  suppose to be there at all. I attach a screenshot from the beginning og
>  Harry Potter 1 at the moment before the "Privet Drive" plate slowly appears
>  from the darkness. Note the green and red rectangles.
>  It is encoded with -V 600 with encoder_example
>  and the effect is there with ot without mmx-optimizations and at other
>  bitrates too, though as a bit different pattern, in the same part of the
>  screen. I can not see any pattern there in the original.
>  (I gamma-corrected (x2) the screenshot to make the effect more visible)
>Any comments?

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