[Theora-dev] Encoder not linking on win32?

Conrad Parker conrad at metadecks.org
Sat Oct 9 18:57:51 PDT 2004

On Sat, Oct 09, 2004 at 07:28:53PM -0600, David Barrett wrote:
> I decided to bite the bullet and grabbed the latest changes out of
> subversion.  Compiled fine (with a few cast changes), but for some reason
> none of the encoding functions are linking.  (Decoding appears to link just
> fine.)  Any ideas what I did wrong?
> Here's what I did:
> 1) Downloaded a clean copy of the latest contents of Subversion using:
> 	svn co http://svn.xiph.org/trunk/theora
> 2) Opened 'theora\win32\theora_static.dsp' in Visual Studio .NET 2003
> (automatically converted/upgraded on open)
> 3) Successfully built 'theora\win32\static_debug\theora_static_d.lib'
> 4) Recompiled my application using the newest theora headers
> ... repeat with ogg, vorbis, and speex ...
> 5) Made some very minor changes to my code so it'd compile (change casting
> from signed to unsigned chars in a couple places)
> 6) Linked my application and it failed to find the following functions:
> _theora_encode_tables
> _theora_encode_comment
> _theora_encode_header
> _theora_encode_init
> _theora_encode_packetout
> _theora_encode_YUVin
> _theora_encoder_clear referenced in function _theora_clear
> For some reason all the unlinkable functions have underscore prefixes, even
> though my code has none.  Were any changes made to the encoding function
> prototypes since 1.0a3?

ahh, it may be that you need to set THEORA_SUPPORT_ENCODE to 1 in the
project somewhere. For autotools and symbian builds we include a config.h
file, but there doesn't seem to be one in win32.


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