[Theora-dev] Directshow filters 0.64.7878

illiminable ogg at illiminable.com
Tue Oct 5 05:08:05 PDT 2004

> Personally, I'd already be happy if it could play a non-chained network
> stream.  I understand how chaining is important for icecast, but I

Oh... it can already play non-chained network streams pretty well (including 
theora+vorbis and theora+speex) :) (Since 0.62 when i added a cache)... i 
still haven't really thoroughly tested what happens if the network gets 
really choked... but it seems worst case it skips and/or stops, and the user 
realises they don't have enough available bandwidth to stream it. The cache 
could do with some pre-buffering code to improve performance when bitrate 
and bandwidth are pretty close... but as long as you've got a bit of leeway, 
it normally works fine.

It won't seek over the network yet though :( So i need to do something about 
that, ie be able to differentiate a file that is seekable from a stream 
which is not, and do an over the network binary search... though i guess we 
can hope that people start using the url temporal fragment scheme so that 
the seek can be done server side.

> personally like the one-chain approach more.  Really, chaining oggs
> together is just a bad way of doing a radio anyway, you want to have
> mixing done.

Agreed ! And it doesn't really make sense for local files either... that's 
what playlists are for !

The only advantage it offers is really that the comment packet can get track 
info sent. But i think that would be much better done in a dedicated 
metadata stream.

> yeah, .m3u should work.  We'll probably make our server autogenerate
> playlist files for the streams on the fly, as well as server a java
> applet to see the stream.

Mmmm... i'm not sure about auto-generating them... since the player will 
download the whole m3u before it starts to stream (i think)... and will stop 
when it reaches the end... it won't "keep going back for more".

Also someone (Denis Seydoux) sent me a bit of html to embed a WMP control in 
a webpage that links into media file... only works in a browser that 
supports activeX (ie internet explorer and it's derivatives).

If you are interested... www.illiminable.com/WMP_web.html



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