[theora-dev] My issues with ogg and directshow...

Andre Pang ozone at algorithm.com.au
Mon May 10 23:45:38 PDT 2004

On 11/05/2004, at 3:57 PM, Arc Riley wrote:

> Ogg is a container format.  Container formats contain things, they do
> not care what kind of thing they hold.  This is not an issue of "this 
> or
> that", this is an issue of having things seperated into discreet 
> layers.
> If you want fourcc info, use a metaheader.  A short bitstream which 
> does
> nothing more than describe the other streams.  Completely optional,
> doesn't change or break anything, and keeps the layers seperate.

The 'metaheader' that you speak of is pretty much what OGM and Annodex 
is: Ogg bitstreams with an extra header.  It's not a separate logical 
bitstream as you'd like, but on a practical level keeping the header in 
the same logical bitstream is simpler, and also works.  (I also do not 
think that inventing yet another standard of having a separate logical 
bitstream(s?) simply to describe the type of data in the other, 
data-carrying logical bitstreams is any better than what we have 

As I hinted at in my previous email, I don't think there'll be any 
agreement about the generic-ness vs specific-ness of Ogg between all 
the parties involved here.  One camp thinks one approach is better, the 
other camp thinks the other approach is better, both have valid reasons 
for preferring one over the other ... news at 11!

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