[theora-dev] Gentoo CVS Ebuilds?

James Lancaster james at kirk.math.twsu.edu
Sun Mar 14 01:18:25 PST 2004

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On Friday 12 March 2004 06:54 pm, James Lancaster wrote:
> I have made some ebuilds that build libtheora (as well as libogg & 
> from cvs for gentoo, and was wondering if anyone was interested in them. If
> so, I can put them up online.

<p>Couple of people seemed to want it so:

Ok, they are up in this directory: the md5 is on the server, 
and pasted here "1b0857e83c65d9a73a46036935c7ac1e  portage-theora-cvs.tgz"
(server will change to kirk.math.twsu.edu or kirk.math.wichita.edu at some 

<p>You need to be in the directory above your PORTDIR_OVERLAY (assuming the 
directory benith that is called portag (<-advanced, if you don't know what it 
means, don't worry), which by default is /usr/local/portage and then untar 

Simple install on x86, those on different archs substitute your arch for x86:
cd /usr/local/
tar -xzvf /wherever/you/downloaded/the/file/portage-theora-cvs.tgz
ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge (-p) libtheora 
(run once with the -p to see what it's going to do, and without to actually 
emerge it.) 

You should see a "libtheora-5" when you run it with "-p" (5 being the 'version 
number' selected because I doubt theora will get there while anyone is still 
using these cvs scripts, and kde-cvs uses 'version' 5, so it keeps it 
consistant for me) if so, then you can run it without the "-p" so it can be 

These are provided as is, no warranty, blah, blah, (if they mess up ogg, 
vorbis, theora and any other packages, too bad, though I will likely try to 
help you.), and if you can't understand them drop by #gentoo on 
irc.freenode.net & pm me (it's usually faster than emailing me (though also 
less reliable)) I will try to respond.

Hope someone else finds them useful.
James L.

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