[Theora-dev] New addition to FAQ

Chilling_Silence Chilling_Silence
Wed Jun 30 15:03:03 PDT 2004

On Thursday 01 July 2004 00:38, "David K?hling" wrote:
> > Just threw it together in the past hour, so any suggestions, comments, or
> > is
> > anybody running a Win32 OS that can let me know about Compiling it etc?
> you might want to add, that a recent (CVS) version of mplayer is required.
> also, with current mplayer-cvs, theora-support will not build by default.
> ./configure --enable-theora   is required.  you always need a mplayer
> rebuild, if you want to add theora support (mplayer does not use
> plugin-style codecs).

Okay, some good feedback so far :-)
This is just the first part, obviously I'd rather have "Installation"
somewhere seperate rather than the actual FAQ, mostly due to the fact that
installing it isnt terribly difficult. There's other things that could go in

How recent does this CVS version of mplayer need to be?
Im using mplayer-1.0_pre4 ATM and its fine.

I've admittedly got one hell of a long way to go, but this is just the first
part of it. I was mostly hoping for a bit of feeback (And its been good so
far :-) and confirmation that I wasnt treading on anybodies toes by writing

Its 10am here, work for another 6 hours... Then I'll see what more I can come
up with.



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