[Theora-dev] New addition to FAQ

Andreas Heinchen andreas.heinchen
Wed Jun 30 08:44:39 PDT 2004

Chilling_Silence schrieb:

>I was on IRC about 7 hours ago and suggested that the FAQ be updated slightly.
>Rather than sit on my ass and complain I figured I'd ask a few people, and see
>if the idea was worth the time.
>Here's what Ive started with:
>I'll be adding to it over the next 24 hours - mostly in the area of Playback
>and Encoding.
>Just threw it together in the past hour, so any suggestions, comments, or is
>anybody running a Win32 OS that can let me know about Compiling it etc?
>Theora-dev mailing list
>Theora-dev at xiph.org

I 've taken a quick look on the readme. IMHO it is the wrong way to tell
people how to build theora. Those who are able to build software wont
need the faq, and those who can't, will find it unconveniant to install
theora that way. A link to a "howto build software" seems more
reasonable for those who wants to learn how to build software.

I think a makefile which builds a player, ogg, theora and vorbis in
~/theoraplay would maybe be intresting. They could be several
maketargets like xine-ui, totem, kaffeine  und mplayer. I strongly
prefer xine-ui as it has less dependencys  (read less build problems)
and xine-lib could be easly stripped from other codecs due to the plugin
approach of xine.

BTW: There was a gxine binary installer for Linuxtag 2003 which also
included theora. If there is intrest, I can take a look on it and try to
make a new one only able to play theora/vorbis/speex.

Any comments?

Andreas Heinchen

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