[Theora-dev] New addition to FAQ

"David Kühling" dvdkhlng
Wed Jun 30 05:38:16 PDT 2004

> Just threw it together in the past hour, so any suggestions, comments, or
> is
> anybody running a Win32 OS that can let me know about Compiling it etc?

you might want to add, that a recent (CVS) version of mplayer is required.
also, with current mplayer-cvs, theora-support will not build by default.
./configure --enable-theora   is required.  you always need a mplayer
rebuild, if you want to add theora support (mplayer does not use
plugin-style codecs).

last time i checked mplayer cvs, theora include path was wrong and had to be
fixed manually.  i'll check again today and try to submit a patch to

unfortunately, for mplayer, ogg seeking is very badly implemented.  possibly
due to mplayer design limitations.  maybe there are even bugs, as some
people recently put patches into mplayer's ogg demuxer (which is usually
used for mpeg4+vorbis-in-ogg and not for theora). trying to seek backwards
(<left>-key) sometimes throws you forward by 10 minutes or more.  very
frustrating for short video clips, since mplayer exits when reaching the end
of the video.

usually seeking backwards by larger amounts (using <up>-key) works, and
finer-grained positions can be reached from there on by seeking forward in
small steps, which works well.

if i can find some time, i'll have a look at mplayers demuxer.  maybe
something is specifically broken for theora streams.

its great to see that theora is now actually taking off.  i did some
"tests", encoding anime from dvd to theora, with results that should really
rival mpeg4 in quality.  it seems that theora is especially better suited
than mpeg4 for low-resolution vido (352x240 etc).  but without an actual
comparison, I don't know for sure...



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