[Theora-dev] watching ogg/theora streams on win32 ?

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas
Wed Jun 23 10:49:31 PDT 2004

Hi all,

I wanted to give watching our stream a try.

Illiminable, I downloaded your codecs, and installed them, but Windows
Media Player still doesn't recognize the video in my test Theora video
clips.  It seems to play the audio part of it fine though, although it
tends to crash at the end.

I tried RealPlayer 10 and after some archive browsing I found the link
to the plugins for it (why are they buried on the website of
helixcommunity ?).  I tried our stream, and it sort of plays ok.  The
audio has nasty resampling sounds, but I'm running in VMWare so maybe
that's causing issues as well.

I tried VLC 0.7.2, but it shows me black video, uses 100% CPU, and
resamples audio like crazy till half and twice the pitch :) I'm assuming
this could be caused by our stream not always starting with a keyframe

Are there other players I can try on Win2k that are rumored to play
theora streams ?


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