[Theora-dev] video in the desktop

Thomas Vander Stichele thomas
Fri Jun 18 02:37:04 PDT 2004

With Theora having reached a bitstream-frozen status, and a beta1
release imminent, what are people's thoughts on the Fedora site about
video applications in the desktop release ?

This is the first time a royalty-free video codec is in a releasable and
supportable state.  Also, the GStreamer+totem stack should be a
shippable solution supporting Theora very soon now.  I'd love for it to
be included in the base Fedora desktop, together with a few applications
like the upcoming gst-recorder so that people can finally record and
play video out of the box (even though not yet all formats, at least
from a legal perspective).

Also, for the fedora.us people - what should we do when wanting to
provide theora to pre-FC2 ? Theora requires a 1.1 version of ogg - does
that mean that everything we build for FC1 and older that wants to use
theora has to go in patches ?


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